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Donnelly's Bush fire destruction and timely birth. Kempsey 1875.

Warwick Examiner and Times Qld.
7 Sept 1895

In New South Wales bush fires continue to rage fiercely along the line between Bolivia and Glen Innes, miles of fencing have been destroyed.

Tenterfield for some days has been enveloped with dense clouds of smoke, and at night the hills are bright with fires for many miles around.

A distressing case in connection with the recent bush fires is reported from Piper's Creek, near Kempsey, where a selector named Donnelly was completely burnt out.

The flames made a clean sweep of Donnelly's house and contents, and his wife and family had a narrow escape. 

Within a few minutes of the home being destroyed Mrs. Donnelly gave birth to a child, the confinement taking place in the open air under the shelter of some bushes, while the blaze passed by, Donnelly is both homeless and penniless. 

South Australian Chronicle Adelaide, SA
7 Sept 1895

Sydney, August 30.

At Smith's Creek Mr. Donnelly, a farmer, had his home completely burnt out, his wife and family being rescued almost naked. 

His wife gave birth to a child the following day in a ploughed field where they had taken refuge, and the infant had only a corn sack for a covering.

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