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Mrs. Mary Donnelly North Street, Casino, House set alight. 1950.

The Courier-Mail Brisbane, Qld.
Wednesday 27 September 1950


Coroner's Warning. — 
Returning a verdict to-day of a wilful and malicious attempt by a person or persons unknown to burn a cottage in North Street, Casino, on August 15. 

The Casino Coroner (Mr. E. Jones) said it was opportune to remind people that setting fire to a dwelling in which here was an individual was a capital offence punishable by death. 

Police evidence was that following a fire which burned the back door and portion of the cottage, which was empty at the time, as the occupier— Mrs. Mary Donnelly— was a patient In the Casino Hospital, a quantity of hessian soaked in kerosene was found at the source of the fire. 

Mrs. Donnelly said in court that she could not give any Indication of any one who would set house alight. 

Detective L. Anderson said he found footprints at the Hessen, and followed them for some distance, but the then disappeared. 

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