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Mrs. Large School. A very disagreeable accident. 1871.

Wagga Wagga Advertiser and Riverine Reporter NSW
7 July 1871

A very disagreeable accident happened yesterday to a little girl at Mrs. Large School. 
She had been playing with some other children in the closet, where they seem to have been amusing themselves by jumping on and off the seat. 

The other children went away, leaving the little girl in question behind, when by some means she managed to fall through the seat, and the closet being a very large one, was at once immersed almost to the neck in the soil.

Her screams attracted the attention of Dr. Large, who ongoing to the spot and discovering the child's dangerous position did his best to rescue her, but was unable to reach her. 

Rushing off for assistance, he met Mr. Chapman, who had also been attracted by tho screams, and with his aid the poor little girl was extracted from her unpleasant prison in a condition more easily imagined than described. 

Her clothes had to be cut off, and, after sundry warm baths, she was put to bed, and is now, we are glad to bear, none the worse for her narrow escape from a horrible fate.

"the closet" = Toilet. 

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