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Mrs. M. E. Sotzenback, authoress of 'Down Kendalls Glenn' Gosford NSW. 1930.

The Mail Adelaide, SA 
25 Oct 1930

New Authoress           
The latest Australian authoress to burst upon an innocent and defenceless public is Mrs. M. E. Sotzenback, whose first novel, 'Down Kendall's Glen,' has just left the publisher's hands and will presently be on sale on the bookstalls. 

Mrs. Sotzenback's story is not outstanding of plot, but it represents a very real phase in her life. 

It was written in her little country store in a New South Wales town.

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate NSW
4 Feb 1932.

"Down Kendall's Glen" is a new novel, recently published in paper- cover form, the writer being Mrs E. Sotzenback, and the scene of action an orchard a few miles out of Gosford, and, in the closing episodes, a Darling Point residence in Sydney, though for the final wedding scene all parties return to Gosford.

It is the story of a young man from Darling Point who, broken in health by a succession of fashionable frivolities, finds rest and renewed health on the orchard.

There too, he meets his "fate," much to the disgust of his Sydney friends, in the daughter of the struggling though good-hearted orchardist of Kendall's Glen.

The young man becomes enamoured not only of the orchardist's lovely daughter, but of orchard life.

Then, of course, he is "found-out" by his doting mother and hard-headed father in Sydney. 
But he remains true to his new and best instincts, and in the final issue, with the rough and ready aid of the orchard "hand, man" and this chosen one's father, his family is properly converted.

Then the wedding takes place. The story has its crudities of diction, as well as ill the development of the melodramatic scenes, but on the whole it is entertaining reading.

I am sure this lady is the above or linked to.

The Sydney Morning Herald NSW 
5 Aug 1938

GOSFORD, Thursday.
Mrs. E. Sotzenback, 82, of Maiden's Brush, dislocated her right shoulder yesterday, when she fell from the veranda of her residence.  She was taken to a private hospital.

The Sydney Morning Herald NSW
6 Nov 1946

The Funeral of the late Mrs Elizabeth Sotzenback of Maidens Brush Road Gosford will move from her late residence This Day at 4 p.m. for Brady's Gully Cemetery.
R. H. Creighton Funeral Director Phone Gosford 45.


  1. Nancy,
    Your hunch is correct about the two women being related. Mabel Evleyn Soztzenback was the daughter-in-law of Elizabeth Sotzenback. Mabel married Elizabeth's son, Matthew George Sotzenback, in 1916.