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MR. & MRS LABAN MEDHURST. nee (Emily Wells) Obituary's, Wollombi - Martindale, 1938-1950.

The Muswellbrook Chronicle NSW
20 Dec 1938

The passing of the late Mrs. L. Medhurst has removed one of the oldest residents of the district.

Born at Wollombi in 1863, MrsMedhurst came to Martindale 31 years ago and resided there until the time of her death.

She was married in St. Matthias Church, Denman, 54 years ago, and until she became ill some weeks ago had never had an illness.

Deceased is survived by her husband and two daughters, Mrs. Litoria Fothergill and Mrs. Leila Munday.

The funeral, which was largely attended, took place on Thursday last, the interment being made in the Church of England portion of the cemetery. Many beautiful floral tributes were placed on the grave.

-Our Denman correspondent.

The Muswellbrook Chronicle NSW
25 Aug 1950


The death of the late Mr. Laban F. Medhurst, of "Homedale," Martindale, Denman, on Wednesday, 16th August, at Brentwood Hospital, Muswellbrook, removed from our midst one of the district's oldest and most prominent citizens. Deceased passed away after a brief illness at the age of 86 years.

Deceased was born at Wollombi, and later lived at Howe's Valley.
At the age of 21 years he and other member of his family moved to Martindale Creek.

The late Mr. Laban Medhurst married Miss Emily Wells, a daughter of a well-known family, also from Howe's Valley and they resided on the property, ' 'Homedale,' ' for the past 65 years.

The deceased led a very active life right up to two weeks before his death.
The Medhurst family has had a long association with the Martindale-Creek district, and the late Mr. Laban Medhurst could tell many interesting stories of the "good old days,” as he termed them.

He was a keen horseman, dairyman and grazier, and one of the first directors of the Denman butter factory.

Until later years, deceased took a prominent part in all activities in the Martindale district, and before Martindale had a Church of England "nail built, service were held monthly at his residence, "Homedale" for many years.
Deceased is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Letoria (May) Fothergill, "Homedale", Martindale; Mrs. Leila Munday (Martindale).
He was predeceased by his wife and a son, Hosea.

The funeral took place at Denman, Rev. John Neville officiating at ''he' church and at the graveside. Floral tributes were received from:—

Loving daughter, May; Leila and Les Munday; Pearl Medhurst; Lily Kussel and family; Jeanne, Arthur, Bruce, Bert and Deirdre; Dorothy, Barbara and John; great-grandson, Bruce; Edna, Les and family; Don, Shirley and family; Mavis, Frank and Robyn; Helen, Neville and Julie; Norma Medhurst; Lucy, Hilda and Jack; Gordon, Grace and Errol; 
Keith, Annie and family; Bill, Dot and family; J. and S Williams; H. Lovely; June, Ruben and baby Berry; 

Gilbert Walter and Co. (Lismore); Mr. and Mrs. E. Hazell and family; N. Phipps and family; Mr. and Mrs. W. Moore and family; Zera, Fred and Laura; Jim Ponder; Mr. and Mrs. Nicholis and family; Mr. and Mrs. Reason and boys; Amos Rose and family; 
Walter O'Hara, John and Tom; Mr. and Mrs. Bussey (snr.); Mr. and Mrs. W. Bussey; Betty Crisp; Mr. and Mrs. Turnbull; Mr. and Mrs. C. Rose and family; 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Pittman and family; manager and staff, M. Campbell and Co., Denman; Edward Higgens, Parkinson and Co.; Lila and Les; Mr. and Mrs. J. Parker; Mr. and Mrs. W. Miller and family; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lambert; Martindale Public School; from Broghada; Joe Holden; Neville Crisp; Mr. and Mrs. G. Murray and Betty; Mr. and Mrs. J. Foley and family.

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