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Mrs. Alma Lillian Nicolia and Mrs. Ethel May Scofield. Death on the same day, 1952, Casino NSW.

Northern Star Lismore, NSW.
1 July 1952

Two Sisters
Die Within  
Four Hours

CASINO, Monday.—-Two Casino sisters died within four hours of each other at Casino during the weekend.

They were Mrs. Alma Lillian Nicolia, 41, and Mrs. Ethel May Scofield. 55, daughters of the late Joseph and Mrs. Lancaster of Lennox Street, South Casino.

Mrs. Nicolia, who had been ill for a number of years, was for the past three months living in Casino and being cared for by her sister, Mrs. C. Wilkinson, of West Street, South Casino.
She came to Casino from Sydney, in which city she was residing with her husband, Francis, and children, Shirley and Brian.

Mrs. Scofield had been visiting Mrs. Nicolia when she collapsed after a stroke about 7p.m. on Friday night, and died at 4 a.m. on Saturday in the Casino Memorial Hospital.  

Mrs. Nicolia died at 12.15a.m. on Saturday, less than four hours earlier.
Mrs. Scofield did not know of her sister's death.  

Mrs. Scofield had also been ill but her death was unexpected.
She had been living with her husband, Matthew, in retirement at Broadwater. Their only child is Mrs. Henry Boston, of Bentley.

Mrs. Nicolia, a convert to the Roman Catholic faith, was buried from St. Mary's Church, Casino, by Rev. Fr. J. Dougherty, assisted by Parish Administrator, Rev. Fr. J. Relihan, at 1.45 p.m. on Sunday, and Mrs. Scofield was buried an hour later from St. Mark's Church of England, Casino, by Rev. Canon. O. Vann.

Both women were born in Casino.
Besides their respective families they were survived by their 75 year-old mother Mrs. Lancaster, sisters, Mrs. T. Waters (Rose Bay, Sydney), Mrs. C. Wilkinson, Mrs. H. Child and Miss G. Lancaster (Casino), Miss Pearl Lancaster (Brisbane), and brothers Joseph and Laurie (Casino), and Stanley (Sydney).

 Mrs. Alma Lillian Nicolia,  and Mrs. Ethel May Scofield's  father's family tree.Link to the Children of Joseph and Mary Ann lancaster.

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