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Molong in the 70's. A GLANCE THROUGH OLD FILES. 1903.

Molong Express and Western District Advertiser NSW.
14 Feb 1903

The first issue of the Molong Express was published on 7th October 1876— somewhat over 26 years ago — and though the date it comparatively recent a perusal of the back numbers reveals much that will interest and amuse present day readers.

The initial issues the Express were extremely creditable, the paper being newsy, well printed, and brightly written, while then, as now, it enjoyed a large share of advertising favors.

The names of John Ebbs Leathem and Henry Vale Leathem appear on the first imprints, the editorial control being vested in the latter. It is interesting to note that the motto 'For the cause' that lacks assistance, etc, which still appears above each weeks leader, was the first,' though not the only one, adopted by this journal.

In the first issue Mr J Haslam's advt. occupies about four columns of apace, while Mr W Tanner, jun., of the Molong Stores, was another big advertiser. 

Amongst other advertisements which appeared were those of the New Royal Hotel, Bank street, kept by J M Hughes; the Royal Hotel, Riddell St, kept by H Hicks; Langdon and Sons, Molong Steam Flour Mill; S Moss, blacksmith; J Denning, builder and cabinetmaker, undertaker, etc; W Gadd, builder and carpenter ; E Andrew Kerr, Molong butchery; F James, H tailor; J L Ferguson, baker; John Liscombe, auctioneer, Gidley street, opposite the floor mill; J Hale, architect.; J F Wynne, Freemasons Hotel; 

J P Hull and Son, builders and contractors; A Parker, saddler; Mrs Horseley, ladies school, Edward street. Mr John Quinn, of the Vulcan Forge, advertises that he can execute work with celerity and despatch at Sydney rates, and  winds up his announcement thus:-

Men of note of care and skill,
Will always ask if Old Quinn's in,
Your service I require, do not me delay
As I have business to transact this day.

Oct 14 —
Splendid rain fell in and around Molong during the past week. The country wears a pleasing aspect; but snow was visible? on Tuesday on Canoblas. 

We hear that Jno. Smith, Esq., of Gamboola, lost l000 sheep in one night in consequence of the severity of the weather after shearing.

The Bell River Bridge on the Molong Ironbark road is progressing favourably under the supervision of the contractor, Mr Herick.

The shearers at Baldry shed have gone on strike, and the legal manager has consequence instituted legal proceedings.

Mr James Lee, of Larras Lake, had purchased a fine Tasmanian merino ram, valued at £300.

Mr Nisbett, C L Agent at Molong, states that £15.358 4s Id have been received locally for land collections during the year.  

Rev. Father Walsh celebrated mass in the Court House, Molong, on Sunday week.

Shearing operations are in full swing at Gamboola. 40,000 sheep will be shorn there this year.

Oct. 20 — 
Eleven shearers from Baldry; were charged with a breach of the Masters 'Shearers' Act in promoting a strike, but the men having all returned to work the charges were withdrawn.

Nine buildings are in course of completion in town. The erection of these must undoubtedly be a sure sign that Molong will yet hold her own as the Key of the West.

The Molong Cricket Club was resuscitated Mr J S Smith, M P as President.

The last of our old Temple of Justice crumbled to pieces the other day from a broken down constitution and sheer old age. The building, a slab one, was first erected under the management of the late R J Barton, Esq. of Boree Nyrang, and was about 14ft x 10 in the absence of churches in the early days of Molong the building was regularly used as a place of worship. Mr Barton built the edifice at his own expense. It cost something like £20 and was nearly 40 years old when it fell to pieces. Every Tuesday the Court house was a scene of bustle and excitement, strangers coming for miles to listen to the cases The pound yard was also the rendezvous for crowds of idlers and in these yards was nothing unusual to see cows sold for 2s 6d with the calf given in, while horses realised such fabulous prices as 6d, ls, 2s, and 5s each, while similar stock cannot now (1876) be purchased under from £3 to £10.

Nov. 3. --
A most impudent robbery took place at Mr. I. Alexander's Bridgewater Hotel, Larras Lake last week, when a thief walked into the proprietor's bed room and liberated the cash box containing £21 in gold and silver.

Mr. J, P. Hall of Molong bas just completed the erection of Nandillyan Heights, so elegant villa residence on Mr. Claude Smith's Nandillyan Station, about 1100tons of material have been used in the construction of the building, which is one of the finest in the west.

 Mr. McHale, an old resident of Molong and the brave man who succeeded in capturing bushranger Dunn single handed, paid a visit to the scene of his exploit's last week. Mr. Mr McHale seems to have quite recovered from the severe gunshot wound received when engaged in securing that desperate ruffian.

Bro. D. Webster P.N.G. was entertained at a supper at the New Royal Hotel last week prior to leaving for Sydney. The toast of 'Our Guest', was drunk in bumpers of champagne. Bro Jas Rubie, in responding to the toast of 'The Ladies,' said he felt it somewhat rough on him, being quite unprepared to embrace such a charming subject, but he was certainly well aware of their worth, grace and amiability.

J T Paralow, family butcher, notifies that he will supply the primes beef and mutton at 31/2d per lb.

Nov 10
The centre of attraction yesterday (Prince of Wales birthday) was a cricket match between Molong and Cudal, an immense crowd being present. Scores Cudal152 (F Carman 31, W Hadley 35, C Tapp31, W Carman 14). Molong 37 and 88 (P Kelly 16, J Hughes 19). In the evening the visitors were entertained at a dinner at Heartland's Royal Oak Hotel.

A large and enthusiastic meeting was held at Mr Wynne's Hotel last Tuesday evening to consider the question of establishing a School of Arts in Molong. Mr J S Smith, M.L.A. occupied the chair, Mr H S M Betta in moving that a School of Arts be established said he believed enough money would be subscribed to enable the Committee to build premises at a cost of £800 or £1000.
The following Committee was appointed-—Messrs O Smith, W Tanner. H O Codrington, Hughes, J Leathem, H V Leathem, W J Rollo, J Haslam, H Betts; with Mr J Rubie as Secretary.

Mr. J. Haslam's youngest son died on Monday last after a brief illness.

A meeting at Meranburn the sum of £30 was subscribed to build a C of E at the juncture of Toogong, Molong, Parkes and Orange Roads.

Agents for the Express : — Ironbarks, Mr S Landaner; Cudal, Mr M Lannan; Obley, Mr Booty; Manildra, Mr D Mclnnes.

Contributions totalling several hundred’s of pounds in aid of the RC Church buildings fund are advertised. Mr J McNevin headed the list with £50, Dalton Bros gave £40 and -Mr J Wynne £25.

An oyster supper will be held at Hartland's Royal Oak Hotel on Friday evening. Tickets 2s.

Nov. 17.—
Mr A G Petersen, of Gheewong, has cut a 10lb fleece from a two-years old Linclon ewe, the mother of twin lambs.

As showing the salubrity of the Molong climate the Express mentions that three men, who’s combined ages total 232 years, are still parading their ordinary business, avocations.

S Moss, blacksmith and farrier of Bank Street, notifies that he is prepared to treat all manner of equine and bovine diseases.

Complaints are made of the riotous, drunken crowds which nightly parade up and down Bank Street.

Nov. 24 —
The gold escort from Ironbarks took lOOOozs of gold to Sydney this week.

At a meeting of free selectors held at Hartland's Hotel on Saturday complaints were made that dummying was rife and that LI per acre was too high a price to pay for, land.

(To be continued)

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