Sunday, 27 July 2014

Maria Pateman nee Aiken. 1811-1842. Pennant Hills, NSW.

Maria Pateman. nee Aiken 1811-1842

Born 1811 to Frances (nee Randall) and John Aiken. Sydney NSW.
Married. 1855 Samuel Pateman B. 18 15 Redbank Parramatta.
Died. 1887 Millfeild. Sydney. NSW.

Mary Ann Pateman B. 1835 M. Lancaster.
William Pateman.1842 M. 1869. Margaret Low. Murrurundi, NSW. Died. 1923 Tamworth.
Joseph. 1844 Pennant Hills NSW.

Charlotte. 1847 Pennant Hills NSW.


  1. Nancy,
    I think it's not clear from your blog when Maria (nee Aiken) Pateman died.
    The excellent photo is of a woman who seems very weather-worn for someone who die at the age of 31yrs. Moreover, she is said to have had two children after her death viz. Joseph and Charlotte. More plausibly, she died in 1887 in Millfield.
    She and 'young' Samuel Pateman did not formalise their marriage until 1855 but they seem to have separated (informally perhaps) when he took up with Mary Carpenter and fathered more children. Mary Carpenter and he formalised the marriage in 1888, the year after Maria died.

    1. My cousin retrieved this image, and she told me it was Maria Pateman, it has Pitman written on it, the Patemans are confusing because of the delay in marriage, and Samuel then with Carpenter who had also been formally married to at least two others, you are right about the death date, silly me, and yes you can see a hard life on this lady's face.