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JOHN DONNELY. TRUANT TROUBLE. Wooroowoolgen. 1914.

The Richmond River Express and Casino Kyogle Advertiser NSW
13 March 1914

The case of the young lad, John Donnelly, was then mentioned by Sir. W. F. Norrie, who asked for a variation of the decision given the previous Wednesday.

Mr. Norrie said the lad's mother, and also his grandfather, were present, he asked that the lad boy released on probation, or else committed to the custody of his uncle, Mr. J. Lancaster, a teamster residing at South Casino.

The lad was going to school at Wooroowoolgen, two miles from Mr. Lancaster's, and he would be 13 years of age in June next. Mr. Lancaster's children went to the same school, and defendant could go with them. 

Mr. Lancaster was a model father, and his children had a good school record. If the lad were handed over to him he would be able to control him, but his mother could not, as unfortunately she was not able to do so. 

The P.M. said he could not see his way clear to make any variation in the order he had recently made. 

He thought the order was the best in the boy's interests. He suggested to Mr.

Norrie that an application could be made to the Attorney-General to have him apprenticed to his relatives after he was at the home to which he would be sent. He declined to vary the order.

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